Rita’s CrockPot Cream Cheese Chicken Chile

It’s another cold, “snow” day here in Nashville. So, I decided to try a crockpot recipe that I can’t during the week because of timing issues (aka, I have to leave for work no later than 6:25am). Enter Rita May’s CrockPot Cream Cheese Chile. Who doesn’t love cream cheese and Tex-Mex flavors?!? Ole!

At 9:30am, I assembled all of my ingredients and turned the crockpot on low. I had frozen corn on hand and threw it in instead of canned. Neufchâtel cheese is always a healthier swap for cream cheese. My chicken wasn’t frozen and I was prepared to make time adjustments toward the end…but, hey, it’s a day off so I could watch it. I didn’t mess with anything else in the recipe this time ;). By about 3:00pm, the crockpot was bubbling. I decided to stir and keep my eye on it. By 4:00pm, I turned it from low to warm.

I served this yummy chicken dish over brown rice with a mini toppings bar (salsa, cheese, plain Greek yogurt, jalapeños, Valentina’s hot sauce). Whatever you have on hand will work. This dish will def keep you warm on a cold day and satisfy a craving for a fiesta!


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