Betty Crocker’s Beef Stroganoff

Whenever my sister, Jenny, got to pick what mom would make for dinner it would always be Beef Stroganoff. From the silky beef gravy specked with diced onions to the tender beef to the twirly egg noodles, it was a family pleaser. When I called her for the recipe, mom said she could hear out little mouths smacking and how much we loved it. She emailed me a picture from an old Betty Crocker cookbook that she probably received as a wedding present in the mid-70s. Sometimes classics and the tastes of nostalgia make the perfect meals!




As always, I made a few changes. I used round steak, per my mom’s suggestion, because it is already sliced thinly and is more cost effective. I also halved the meat, but doubled the mushrooms. I added two cloves of garlic instead of one (I love garlic). I subbed fat free plain Greek yogurt for the sour cream. The changes did not impact the taste and it was just as yummy as I remember it!

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